Monday, 15 December 2008

Festive MArkets ~ a quilted Christmas Spirit

One very cold and chilly early evening last week we wrapped up warm and ventured into town to see the Festive fayre at the MArket . Stallholders from all over Europe displayed such a wonderful array of tempting goods ~ and the smells ~ were so inviting and delicious. Steaming soups served in mugs, hot pancakes, dripping in hot chocolate sauces liberally frosted with sugar icing. All the stalls were colourfully lit but it was not that, that finally captured and conveyed to me such a warmth and lit a spark within me. We had not come to shop but to look around and perhaps enjoy a little of what took our fancy, sitting down with a carton of scrummy vegetable noodles, I caught sight of a family a couple of feet away from me. The two children were sitting down, Mum was watching over them and excitedly said heres DAd now, with a beaming smile he approched hands full of steaming hot drinks and pancakes, handing them out to his children with such a pride, he watched as they tucked into their feast, 'are you enjoying that' 'do you like it' concerned that his children were enjoying themselves, as they of course resounded a 'Yeh' in between happy munches and the smile spread even bigger on that proud Dads face. Provider, yes, in the traditional sense I suppose but for this family a memory was being created and I was witnessing this Christmas scene ~ that was what was heartwarming for me ~ quietly for a brief moment I had sat and observed, not in a voyeuristic sense, as I then looked away and left them to their time together but warmed by the scene I happily went about weaving my own special time but theirs was included now with mine. How people touch our lives in many ways they can never know ~ Christmas wishes to all, may you all be touched by the Christmas Spirit ~ Lib x x x